About FAD

Fash a Day (FAD) is run by Pakistan’s first ever, teenage fashion blogger, Muzna Hatmi. She was born and raised in Pakistan, and soon enough adapted the love for fashion in her daily life. Muzna is also currently developing her love for English Language, and literature – in hopes of pursuing a degree in journalism in the near future.

FAD has been longing to come into existence from almost a year now. The name, ‘Fashion a Day’ was basically chosen to demonstrate every day fashion, from the west to the Pakistani fashion industry. However, Muzna’s main aim on this blog is to get her readers familiar with fashion other than what is trending in Pakistan.

Also, the initials of the blogs name ‘FAD,’ come from the English dictionary meaning; A fashion that is taken up with great enthusiasm for a brief period of time – which also, pretty much describes what the blog is about.

Here, you will find from cheap buys, to daily outfit posts, and a lot more. All revolving around, to what is fashion – of course.

Muzna can also be searched up and followed on Twitter, and Instagram.
Keep updated with FAD on Facebook here.


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