Newbies in Town – Iqra & Zaynab

Let’s all start with praising Mark Zuckerberg for inventing Facebook (for real)! If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t have been writing this post. Just a few weeks back, I came across the Facebook page of Iqra & Zaynab, which is a clothing brand for women, based in Pakistan. I started scrolling down through their timeline, and thought to myself, “wow, they’ve got some good stuff!”

Iqra and Zaynab, both 21 are best friends who according to them, started with their label out of “sheer boredom” but were surprised enough, when their extraordinary trendy designs were showed love for, by their fans and their FB inbox, soon enough, bombarded by orders!


The designer duo likes to experiment with designs and patterns, and finalize to a really chic, laid back piece of clothing. However, they have only restricted to making jumpsuits and pallazo pants – which of course is a rather peachy element to work with, as it has already been trending in the Pakistan fashion world for quite some time now. But I certainly do wish, that Iqra & Zaynab make their way into more wider sets of choices regarding picking items for designing in the near future.

On the positive side, what’s really conceptual is that, a pair of pallazo pants can be worn with, almost anything and everything, be it a kameez, a collar shirt; you name it! Having put on those pants, makes a woman look effortlessly stylish. Similar is with that of wearing a jumpsuit. Which, Iqra & Zaynab have proved so, in their fashion shoots as well has how their customers have styled it and sent pictures to the girls, that they uploaded on their page.


This (above) has got to be one of my favorite looks, and how fabulous is that hair do! However, the main focus here is on those pink polka dot pallazo’s. I absolutely love how the girlies have got together the whole outfit, with no forced accessories. But, I personally do think that the pants are a little too flared down, to touching the ground (let’s hope the picture makes it look that way).

The brand, (although focused mostly on jumpsuits and pallazo pants for now) also started with designing gowns, that they paired with jumpsuits. I do believe that it will do them much advantage if they get started again with gowns as they have already gained a lot of positive criticism among the hearts of their fans.


Both girls, created an outfit here, calling for much of my love. They played with metallics, which have been eye catching for me lately and trending in the outside fashion world as well as here in Pakistan, seen on runways along with many designers such as DKNY and Alexander Wang. Also, shining it’s way on the red carpet at LSA 13 this year (read blog post here).

Our last paragraph calls for the latest Iqra & Zaynab collection. Which was themed with much of glamor, glitter and a very professional look. The pieces fit perfectly for any formal wear, because of the materials used; such as silk and sequence. The gorgeous collection brings an exciting view with a throwback to vintage, yet a sophisticated and fresh look. We wish you good luck girls!


Visit Iqra & Zaynab on Facebook –

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4 responses to “Newbies in Town – Iqra & Zaynab

  1. I totally love their Jumpsuit collection!!! They both are bringing in a new line of fashion which requires a lot of courage and hardwork; therefore I want to congratulate them and wish them best of luck 😀

    Love Aira !

  2. I am in love with these Pallazo’s!! Not sure if a 51 year old should be thinking of going so ‘BOLD’:)) nonetheless very fresh and stylish. Love your blog on this Muzzu! Still can’t wrap my head around that it’s all so professionally written by none other than my niece Muzna! Keep up sweetheart, you’re going places In shaa Allah!

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