T-Shirt Policy London Ramadan Collection

T- Shirt Policy London came into existence back in 2010, and gained positive criticism as well as recognition shortly after. When thought of causality in  daily wear, a T-Shirt from T-Shirt Policy London is the first fashion item that you will be forced to think of putting on. The brand is popular for a certain taste of fabulously accomplished T shirt prints, which are, often always simple yet girly enough to bring in a bit of color on your plain old denim jeans. An can be mixed and matched to a really trendy outfit.

As for this season, as you all might know, the month of Ramadan holds essential importance for Muslims every year. The T-Shirt Policy London was kind enough to have designed a Ramadan Collection for their store, which came as a big hit. And was seen wearing on almost all fashion bloggers. The collections consists of three prints as seen below.

t shirt policy london

This piece is called The Turban Lady T shirt. Buy here.


This piece is called The Late Nights T shirt. Buy here.


This piece is called The Hijab Lady T shirt. Buy here.


This item is called The Niqab Lady Print, and is not part of the Ramadan Collection, but can be found here.


One response to “T-Shirt Policy London Ramadan Collection

  1. In love with these tees and with your blog! such an inspiration :* please do a post on the local fashion trend in pakistan it’ll keep us updated on the fashion scene there! ❤
    keep the posts coming!

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