Lux Style Awards 2013

Lux Style Awards in Pakistan, are one of those which are looked forwarded to since forever, specifically because they are almost the only which meet up to the glamorous Bollywood awards, that; very sadly, Pakistanis’ including myself find great pleasure in watching. Not to forget the excitement of the ‘tarang’ tickets to iifa this year.

LSA brings us stars from our film/drama industry as well as designers, musicians and makeup artists to the red carpet every year. Like new faces, come new designs and new trends. This year we noticed in the crowd, delicious shimmers standing out of all there was. That is correct; the metallic trend which always brings a unique taste often matched with the most unexpected combinations was found as a hit at LSA this time of the year.

Shining on the red carpet and runway shows (literally), metallic clothing has been en essential for spring/summer 13. The trend started back by the end of year 2012 and has ever since, made it’s way to the top proving to be a never ending fashion hit! The metallic look however, calls for a fierce and, at the same time a very elegant style, never missing for a laid back attitude.

As for metallics’ in fiber, there are all sorts, below are some famous personalities within Pakistan caught wearing some of it’s types.


Fareeha Pervez is wearing, gold metallic pallazo pants, along with a plain black top with cuffs (I’m guessing), completing the look with a gold necklace hinting back to the Egyptian Cleopatra, which is also very much in trend these days. This sort of metallic clothing is called mirror- shine metallic because of it’s ultra shine nature and reflection.


Humaima Malik, the model who also happened to achieve an award this year at LSA (we congratulate you) was carrying a delicate pastel clutch in brown, wearing the sequins in metallic glitter and no forced accessories because of the already shimmering look, and casually styling open hair on one side. The gold and brown as mentioned earlier called for a rare but classic combination.


Model Ayaan here, dressed up in silver metallics which are kept an eye on by designers such as DKNY and Alexander Wang this season as seen from their runway shows, bring out the boldness in ones look. These kinds are although the most common, but most well defined. She paired her top with a similar gray skirt – tucked in. And was carrying a metallic gold clutch, adding color to her, not so dull, outfit.


Frieha Altaf brought out the metallic trend in her gold heels and clutch, that is covered in sequins. Gold as always been white’s best friend and look perfect together. Her neck lace, like that of Fareeha Pervez’s earlier in the post, is again a trending accessory item. Next to her, the lady (I don’t now of), wears the Brocade metallic that is the remarkable flair of shimmering silhouettes. She too, carried a gold sequined clutch.


Looks like TV actress/anchor Ayesha Omar too won an award (Congrats!) She wore a rust metallic dress, and I simply love the color combo of her robe. Piecing with a gold watch (or is it a bracelet?) she has most definitional got a glamorous look, and I think that her outfit too, deserves an award. Overall, love the make up and hair!


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