ZARA – Wrap Mini Skort

This post is a teeny weeny little late, but, over this season, ZARA made wrap mini skorts which are totally the new ‘in’ in the western fashion world!
From every blogger, to celebs such as Olivia Palermo, skorts by ZARA are seen as a bit of an essential fashion item this summer.

What exactly is a skort?
Well, a pair of shorts made to resemble a skirt (as with an overlapping front panel) is a skort, as simple as that.

There are all sorts of sizes and shapes when it comes to a skort. But, the most common ones are, which we see all lady golfers wearing. Such as below;

Stephen Dunn

Yes, it DOES look a lot like a skirt. However, this was just for an intro – our main focus today is on the kind of skorts that ZARA made, that are called ‘Wrap Mini Skorts’
Now, below is how the ZARA skort looks like!

Very different, right? I know. These came in lots of colors, but, the most common among us girlies were whites and very little of black.
Styling on, the most tough part is, how to wear a skort and make it look good? Yes, styling! Below, I’ve gathered how bloggers and common people wore their skorts by ZARA so you may have variety of ideas about how doing so;

TOO bright! Don’t you think? No worries, I bet it’s the lighting. I do like the over all look. White on white and a very trendy floral blazer.


TOO simple! I NEVER, ever, ever, like simple (yes, I don’t care if it’s burning outside). However, you could always add light to darkness. Why not a neon bag?

Here is how Olivia Palermo styled her skort. And, I must say, I LOVE it! This HAS to be my favorite look so far.

There! Make it look like a dress! Love the red to the black. Heels would have looked better than the sandals.


Nevertheless, tucked in shirts. Always been my favorite!

Lastly, H&M like always, made a copy – same design! Check here. Or, if you feel like buying a skort from ZARA then check on eBay here.


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