6 Ways To Wear A Denim Jacket

You should always try something new with EVERY fashion item. Keeping that in mind, today we’re going to learn how to wear a denim jacket in six different ways. Denim shirts, and jackets are one of those, that you can’t do without in fashion. It is a MUST HAVE. It’s one of those that never get out of fashion – an all rounder.  So, it is very safe to buy yourself a denim jacket.

Coming back to the post. Here is how;



What’s not to love about denim on denim. It has lately been Rihanna, the singer’s favorite looks.  As seen in the picture, a nice broach wouldn’t look half bad with your whole denim look. Or maybe just a pop of color in your clutch bag, or shoes. – and viola!



This does not only go with a denim jacket – but every sorts of jackets, blazers and coats – you name it. But, since we’re talking about denims here. I personally love this look. Not only can you wear it when cold, but let it rest on your shoulders like how in the pictures above. – for style.



Oh yes! Tucked in, gives a very different look. As seen in the pictures above, you can also go for a tucked in denim on denim look. But how chic will it look with white pants? Just how in the picture.

Wear your denim jacket underneath your blazer, how perfect and unique is this look?

Too hot? Well, why don’t you just tie your denim jacket around your waist? And put it back on when you feel that slight shiver inside shopping malls. Not only will you escape the heat, but look all trendy and fab! A denim jacket also gives color to your whole outfit. For e.g if you’re wearing all white (like in the picture) add up a color of your denim!

Lastly, wear it like jacket! I personally love denim jackets with floral prints. A perfect look for spring/summer.


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