Flower Heads

I know, I know; people give you flowers on occasion, in bouquets, to keep in your living room. Well, why not
just wear the very pretty flowers on your head? Every body could have some color in their eyes in this scorching summer heat, as here in Pakistan we usually see less of flowers, and more of pollution.

We’ve seen from Juliet to every other Shakespeare  love bird, wearing a bunch of flowers on their heads. From the roman, era till now, we have seen fashion repeat itself over the years (read my blog post about how it did so, here). And lately, I have seen so many fashionistas’ all dressed up, in flower crowns. I think it just gives a bit of  a happy/cheery look to the whole outfit. And is one of natures greatest accessory ever! (although, I really can’t recall what else nature gave to us as a ‘natural’ accessory). So, let’s just thank nature anyway.

Oh, and I almost forgot – little flower girls, wearing flower crowns at weddings is the most common, as seen in movies and real life weddings.
Only here in Pakistan, the desi version of flower crowns on weddings are the very trendy ‘matha patis’.

But, since western clothes are SO common here, why not try some of accessories that might only look good with such clothes. Although, I do believe that there is no harm in wearing flower crowns over simple jumpsuits, and what not! As, it might just pull off with your whole look – I’m SURE it will.

I made a collage of some of the very cute flower hairbands and crowns that were beautiful to my eyes.

Pretty huh? Trendy too! So, if you think of buying something like it then look for it here.


why not show some creativity over the summer, and make one of your own. Find a DIY spring summer flower crown, step by step tutorial here.

ENJOY! And let me know how your flower crown looks!


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