Fashion or History?

I came across this lovely article, just today. And, to my surprise, the title does make sense. Over the years we’ve seen all sorts of trends from the 60’s to 90’s come in fashion now, to what is the 21st century. We have had long lengths of Kameez to Palazzo Pants and if you look at it, blazers too!

Below is the article I read on

Fashion as we know it, is a part of history, Some part which just keeps repeating itself at different era’s.
I know I’m no expert at fashion, or anything. But what I’ve observed is that at every stage, fashion is like an atom. Things can be added to it but it can never be destroyed. I spend my day surfing around the world wide web, and there I witness unique things. Maybe it’s just me who thinks about it this way or maybe it’s just my negative perspective, but in some sorts of situations I’ve seen similarities between the old and the latest. I’ve heard people quote “dude that style is so last year,” but to say that is really wrong.
You might be thinking that I’m talking insane but I have my examples. First of all, I remember the glasses known as wayfarer’s, being worn by my Grandfather in the late 80’s as I look into his photo albums. Yet in our country, they became popular by a drama actor and his way of carrying them, and before you know it, everyone has them stuck up on their nose, as the new “cool.” This article is only based upon my knowledge, which I know I’m short of. But hey, I notice things too.
I looked for more of this “fashion,” and found the new supra shoes, as I searched up the past, I noticed that these kinds of shoes were worn by workers, the labour class. As protection from dirt hanging onto their feet. And now? Add some fancy colours to it and change the shape, whoa! It is the most popular pair of shoes anybody wants to own.
So what my point is that, to me fashion is repeated. It is not recreated, neither is it destroyed. You might notice new things, but look closely. It’s all history repeating it self all over again.

Above you see a picture from the early 70’s in which my beloved, and extremely stylish dadi (grand-mother) is wearing a blazer. Which has lately been one of the must haves in today’s fashion world.


Here is one of Forever21’s latest blazer trends.Now if you compare both images, you will surely see how history repeated in fashion.

This  picture is representing the then, bell bottom pants, which are now known as Palazzo pants. Not only are they now worn with Kurta’s but also shirts/blouses, just as how the lady in purple is wearing; tucked in.

Cara in Palazzo Pants

Cara in Palazzo Pants

Here is a photo of young model, Cara in Palazzo pants. She’s wearing the pants, as mentioned earlier that is tucked in. However, it isn’t quite necessary to wear them this way. Other than staying put with the latest fashion trends, I do believe in what looks good, rather than what’s in fashion.

Above were just a few examples of how fashion and history relate together. The list of repeated trends just goes on and on…


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